The Ministry of Presidential Affairs (MOPA)’s mission is to provide enhanced and comprehensive consultation to the strategic decision-makers, in a manner conducive to achieving the UAE’s objectives, serving its interests and providing safety, stability and prosperity to its citizens.  

That is why MOPA dedicates all its efforts to achieving this mission.  According to its establishment decree, MOPA is entrusted with the mission of providing consultation to His Highness the President of the UAE - may God protect him - in all fields of national work, acting upon His Highness’ instructions in studying all relevant matters, and following up and diligently ensuring the proper execution of HH’s instructions.

In an endeavor to achieve its aim of creating a knowledge-based organization and ultimately provide support to the decision-makers, MOPA's structure has been updated such that the Ministry will be better able to carry out its activities.  These include conducting studies and research, preparing analyses and effectively coordinating efforts with other governmental departments, in addition to contributing to the creation of high-quality human resources.  MOPA’s activities also include developing comprehensive databases as reference sources for researchers, students and decision-makers, 

To highlight its innovative practices and performance-monitoring techniques, MOPA has launched two strategic plans, the first being for 2011-2013 and the second for 2014-2016.  Both plans target the enhancement of MOPA's leading role in supporting the decision makers and upgrading government practices to optimum levels, in line with the highest international standards.  

Such plans are grounded on performing a comprehensive and objective performance review along with a deep analysis of the organizational environment.  The two plans are particularly important due to their being inextricably related to initiatives focusing on the enhancement and development of national human resources, which shall in turn contribute to the accomplishment of MOPA's mission and realization of its objectives.  

Since its inception in 2004, MOPA has launched a number of projects to keep pace with accelerating developments and to implement the latest international standards in the workplace.  These include, specifically, the creating of a paperless work environment using state-of-the-art technologies  - some of which have been internally developed and programmed.  These are helping to boost completion speeds, ease transactions and improve communication between MOPA and Emirati citizens.  These programs will eventually support comprehensive quality programs and reinforce the culture of best practice.  

In an effort to make the best use of Information Technology (IT), MOPA has launched this website, which we hope will prove to be a unified platform for all the e-services provided by MOPA to its staff and to the public in general.  The aim is to achieve a number of objectives, including the introduction of MOPA's Vision, Mission and Objectives, as well as its social services.  Further objects include communicating with local and federal departments, as well as enabling the public both inside and outside the country to access the correct information, express their opinions, offer comments and propose suggestions about the different programs and services provided by MOPA.  

It is my sincere hope that you will all benefit from this site.  

Peace be upon you.  


Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Presidential Affairs