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Acceptance of Terms through Use

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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR):

  • The user acknowledges and agrees that all content and material included on this website shall be protected by the laws regulating copyright, rights of trademark, service and other IPR rights. 
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  • The user may print or have one copy of the material and content of this website, on any personal PC, for personal or non-commercial use, provided that the user shall keep all copyrights, and IPR unchanged.  Data or any other content shall not be retrieved in an organised way from this website to establish or gather a database or evidence without prior approval from the MOPA. 
  • The content or material included on this website shall not be used for any unauthorised purpose mentioned explicitly in these terms and conditions of use. 

Liability limitation

  • In no circumstances shall MoPA be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exceptional damage arising out of the use or inability to use this website.  This term shall apply whether such liability is contractual, tortuous or arising out of negligence or any other form of legal liability. 
  • In case of service disruption arising from force majeure, MoPA shall assume no liability for such failure or the damages related thereto. 


In case any part of the terms of use becomes ineffective or inapplicable, such part shall be interpreted in a manner that agrees with the applicable law to reflect as much as possible the original intentions of both parties.  The other remaining parts shall remain of full legal power and valid in case of any difference between these Terms & Conditions and/ or any special or certain conditions that are found in any other section on this website, with respect to certain material or matters, such special or certain conditions shall prevail. 

Applicable law

MoPA has defined the previously-mentioned terms and conditions for visiting the website according to the provisions and rules mentioned in the UAE's laws.  In the event that a party breaches these terms and conditions, MoPA has the right to resort to law to protect the infrastructure and information thereof.  The Abu Dhabi courts shall have jurisdiction over any dispute that might arise.