Frequently Asked Questions


1- What are MOPA's fields of specialization?
Article 2 of the 2004 law establishing the Ministry of Presidential Affairs (MoPA), determined MOPA's fields of specialization and objectives. MoPA’s mission is to “provide support and consultation to the decision-maker through the development of excellent, high-quality and credible capability to enhance the central role of MOPA in developing national policies and community services.”


2- What are the bodies affiliated to MoPA?
The bodies affiliated to MoPA are the National Centre for Documentation and Research (NCDR), the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), the Scholarships Co-ordination Office (SCO), the private Emirates National School (ENS) and the Camel Racing Authority (CRA), and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center (SZGMC).


3- What services are provided by MOPA?
MOPA's website provides information about the services it provides, which include social services, land services, housing and scholarships.


4- How can I apply for a scholarship, social aid, land or a house?
The first step is to file an e-application through MOPA's website, completing all requested information and attaching all required documents. Going in person to submit applications, documents or missing information at the MoPA Customer Service is not permitted. The exception to this is if, when you first submitted your application to the MoPA website, you were subsequently sent an SMS containing an appointment time or were given one through having called the toll free number, 800-8002.


5- Can I search for my application and follow it up?
Yes, there is a service on the website entitled Searching for Applications which enables applicants to retrieve information about their various applications in the MOPA applications system. The search can be made by entering a family name, city/town, file or application number.


6- Can I correct my information and add other information to my application?
There is a special service on the MOPA website entitled Correcting Citizens’ Data, through which you may amend incorrect data and information.


7- Can I apply for a job?
Yes, you can log on to the Citizens’ Services part of the MOPA website and follow up on the vacant jobs available or log onto to apply for a job.


8- What are the eligibility criteria for people applying for social aid?
Applicants should be Emirati, with the exception of non-national mothers raising Emirati children. The financial aid should be related to one or more of the following cases: humanitarian aid, housing or social expenses. Only in exceptional cases will applications will be accepted for financial aid from wives of Emiratis, and bachelors over the age of 18.


9- What are the eligibility criteria for students to apply for scholarships?
It is a pre-condition that the student should have outstanding academic records, and the application should be submitted via MoPA’s website immediately following the release of the student’s high school results


10- Where can I obtain a list of accredited universities?
You may obtain a list of the accredited universities and specializations from MOPA's website.


11- Can I submit a suggestion regarding the development of public services?
Yes, you may submit suggestions by logging on to the Ihtimam programme on MoPA’s website.